Scaffolding Temporary Roofs

Introducing the amazing ScaffCorroClamp

This innovative clamp enables you to lift and lower corrugated iron roofing sheets up to multi levels with ease! on or off SCAFFOLDING TEMPORARY ROOFS It’s so simple just use a standard scaffold spanner to secure and release the clamp on to as many as 6 sheets at a time.*

ScaffCorroClamp will save you labour time and give you the peace of mind that the job will be completed safely and effectively with maximum efficiency.

*Max 66 kilos | Patent No. 1314437.3 A clamp for use in raising and lowering of at least one corrugated sheet.

  • Corrugated iron sheeting lifting clamp
  • Proven to save on labour costs
  • Safe and effective lifting method
  • Clamps and secures using standard scaffold spanner

Watch the ScaffCorroClamp